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Amy Stanford Nutrition provides nutritional and lifestyle counseling to those seeking ways to help nourish themselves and/or their children to optimum health and wellness, allowing them to live their best life. My goal as a nutrition consultant is to empower my clients with the knowledge, tools, and step by step guidance needed to allow for deep healing and optimum health and wellness for themselves and their families. I work with my clients individually creating a customized program to allow their bodies to heal and function optimally.  I teach my clients to tune into what their body needs, how to nourish their own unique bodies optimally, and we tailor and customize the program as needed to meet the individualized needs of each client.  My services include diet analysis, customized meal plans, supplement protocols, and lifestyle tips.  Educational handouts and recipes are provided as well as resource and referral suggestions and recommendations.  

One-on-one nutrition counseling appointments include:

  • Review of client’s health history, including appropriate questionnaires, and lab work 

  • Suggest home tests and/or referrals to a practitioner that will provide further clues about client’s health 

  • Diet analysis, including review of client’s current diet looking for gaps in optimal nutrition, and computerized diet analysis to reveal any macro, micro, or phyto-nutrient deficiencies.  

  • Develop a customized program based on the specific needs of the client to address their specific issues including diet, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations.

  • Customized meal planning, including weekly meal plans that address clients’ unique needs, recipes that the client can easily incorporate into their daily life, and education about healthy eating, meal prep, shopping, etc.  

  • Provide educational handouts as well as resource and referral suggestions and recommendations. 

Amy Stanford Nutrition accepts new one-on-one clients as available.  Please email for pricing and to book an appointment, or to add your name to the waiting list.