Nutritional Counseling



Diet analysis, including review of current diet looking for gaps in optimal nutrition

Computerized diet analysis to reveal any macro, micro, or phyto-nutrient deficiencies

Customized meal planning that addresses your unique needs, recipes that you can easily incorporate into your daily life

Support and education on healthy eating, meal prep, shopping, etc.  


In-depth review of your health history, including appropriate questionnaires, and lab work

Completely customized healing program created specifically for you including diet, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations based on your history and unique needs

Continued customization of your healing program for optimal healing.

Home tests and/or referrals to a practitioner that will provide further clues about client’s health if needed

Support to heal the gut, reduce inflammation, reduce or eliminate symptoms, gain energy, lose weight, and balance the body


Educational handouts as well as resource and referral suggestions and recommendations

Holistic healing and lifestyle support to empower you for a lifetime


Empowering parents to heal themselves and their children.

Providing knowledge, tools, resources, and empowerment to last a lifetime

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Testimonies . . .

My son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2019 at age 2, after the diagnosis we started searching for what we could do to aide him in getting the best quality of life. We knew nothing about Autism so we started searching the internet. We started working with a biomedical doctor, who addressed his nutrition and what foods we were feeding him, foods we thought were safe just because the label said so weren’t so safe. We decided we needed help because there was so much information out there and we were lost. We contacted Amy and set up our meeting via zoom because we are in different states. Her calmness, knowledge and confidence was so refreshing so we signed up. She went through all the paperwork we had and dissected everything we were having concerns about. Our first session she had everything laid out, recipes, shopping lists, tips and tricks and just really guided us through. Even at the very start of a pandemic when grocery stores were bare and I was freaking out about how I was going to get the items we needed she was right there to help!

From working with Amy, my 2 year old son has blossomed in ways I couldn’t imagine. When we started he was a shell of a 2 year old. He had no emotion, did not respond to his name, to commands. He didn’t interact with us or his siblings. Now he is blooming so much! He is interacting with us, giving us hugs and kisses, laughing and smiling, and playing with us. He is saying new words all the time. His improvements are amazing and bring me to tears. I wish we would have started this journey a long time ago, nutrition is KEY to life in every aspect and at all ages. The knowledge I have gathered because of Amy is information I will carry and grow on with for the rest of my life. Our entire family has benefited from Amy and we are forever thankful! I have gained so much confidence in myself as a mother and have gained a lifelong friend! Thank you Amy for everything you have done for my entire family and thank you for giving my son the quality of life he deserves. 

Amy, I am so grateful for you, I add your family to my prayers every night, you inspire me to be a better, stronger and a more confident woman, mother and wife! I’m so glad to be a part of the Oiler’s for Life family so I can continue my journey of a better quality of life for myself and my family! 

My son is less anxious, he is more comfortable allowing people into his space, he is more relaxed.  He is sleeping better and doing less self-injurious behaviors.  He is responding to his name again, he is a happier baby, getting back to the boy we knew before everything got flipped upside down.
He initiated social interaction twice.  He has never done that.  His brother always plays with the kids in the neighborhood, but he has never interacted with them,  he was so happy playing with them.

He started using the word “mama” appropriately!
He started using intonation appropriately!
He’s following directions willingly and happily!
He’s waving hi and bye!
He’s trying to blow kisses!
He’s saying 5 words consistently and adding more and more each week!
He’s sharing toys!
His aggression is nearly gone!
He’s gesturing, signing, and mimicking!
He’s enjoying being around people and socializing!
He’s laughing, smiling, and having fun!

My son willingly gave me kisses for the first time in his life!  Not only did he give me kisses, he also gave them to his dad, his brother, his grandma and grandpa, and he’s giving HUGS!

My son’s speech is improving every day from the recommendations you talk about.  It’s amazing.  The changes benefit him, his cognitive health, but my family’s too! My son is surprising me every day!  It makes me cry!  I’m so happy. I am enjoying the clean eating.  I had to share my feedback because the world needs to know that you are the real deal!  You are a fabulous educator and passionate advocate! Thank you Amy!

Amy is an amazing educator, she has so much knowledge, passion, and she has helped me so much with chronic issues I was dealing with for years, that my doctor was unable to help me with. I no longer suffer with chronic skin issues. Not only am I not suffering physically, but the emotional toll it takes to have chronic issues that no doctor can help you with is emotionally draining. Physically and emotionally I am a new person. I am so thankful for Amy’s knowledge, guidance, education, and support.

I am so thankful for Amy’s knowledge, guidance, education, and support.

Amy goes out of her way to share knowledge she has gained through formal schooling, her own personal struggles with health and healing, her struggles with her daughter, everything she has learned in healing herself and her family, and everything she has learned in helping others heal for the past 13 years. Her goal is to empower others to take control of their health and realize how much control they have over their own health. From the moment I met her she has helped me in every aspect of my life. From eliminating my chronic migraines, to detoxifying my home and body, to losing so much weight simply by focusing on health. She is a huge supporter and cheerleader passing on knowledge, resources, information, and more every moment that she’s awake. My life is transformed thanks to her! Her passion for educating is unparalleled! She is the best teacher and mentor!

From the moment I met her she has helped me in every aspect of my life. From eliminating my chronic migraines, to detoxifying my home and body, to losing so much weight simply by focusing on health.

I was very interested in the nutrition education offered by Amy. Before working with Amy I highly struggled with emotional eating and felt trapped by food. I felt defeated and off track. Not to mentioned had gained a few extra pounds. She provided easy to understand material. I learned from the teachings about being balanced. I learned what food to focus on and what nutrition can really do for my body. The best part is she offered one on one support and accountability. I appreciate the fact she is always here to answer any questions along the way. I implemented her teachings and by the time I finished the sessions I lost 4 pounds and was able to target when I was being triggered to eat completely unhealthy and out of control. I feel motivated to continue to be healthy overall and HEALTHY now feels amazing!! I have gained knowledge and I will continue to use the tools she has taught me.