Healing Mom


If there’s one thing I’ve learned these last 10 years, it’s that as a mother we pass on our healthy or unhealthy gut flora, our immune strength or weakness, our toxic burden, and our faulty DNA and genetic expression, onto our precious babies.  Whether babies are born with no gut flora, or according to developing research may begin developing gut flora by swallowing amniotic fluid in the womb, and possibly through the placenta, the mother’s flora in her entire digestive tract, and the nutrients she has available in her body and through the foods she eats, create the babies gut flora and therefore their immune health.  By passing through the birth canal, being exposed to the world, and through breastmilk, babies gut flora is created.  If a mother has a strong, healthy, microbiome, and a strong, healthy immune system, as well as a plethora of available vitamins and nutrients their baby will inherit the same.  If a baby has a family history of allergies, asthma, autoimmune disease, IBS, Crohn’s disease, Celiac’s disease, mood disorders, ADD, ADHD, or a multitude of any other family issues, their immune system is automatically more sensitive than another baby with no family history of these issues.  Couple that with a mother with an unhealthy gut microbiome, and a weakened immune system, and you have a very sensitive baby. 

These sensitive children act in our world as somewhat of a canary in a coal mine. Up until 1986, canaries were brought by miners into the coal mines to act as a warning system for miners to evacuate.  Canaries are more sensitive to the colorless, odorless carbon monoxide and other poisonous gases than humans. If the canaries became ill or died, that would give miners a warning to evacuate.


Similarly, these babies with sensitive immune systems are more sensitive to the toxic burden impressed upon them from the earliest days of their development.  They react strongly to these environmental attacks they are exposed to through the air, food, water, vaccines, antibiotics, cleaning products, home products, skincare products, the list goes on and on.  Through these environmental attacks these babies toxic load quickly becomes too much for their body to bare, and they develop a plethora of early issues including allergies, asthma, eczema, developmental delays, seizures, autism, speech delays, and even childhood cancer. 

These babies and children are here to open our eyes to what we are doing to our planet and to ourselves.  We must take heed, and begin to detoxify our lives and our world and give every baby their best chance at their best life.

I learned this early on in my research, and because I knew I wanted a third child, I knew I had to heal my gut, strengthen my immune system, rid my body of candida overgrowth and heavy metal toxicity, fill my body with good bacteria, and completely overhaul my family’s life.  We started with our diet, throwing out almost everything in our refrigerator and pantry and replacing it with gluten, dairy, soy, preservative, artificial color and flavor free foods.  We switched everything to organic, pastured and grass fed where available.  We threw away our non-stick pots and pans and replaced them with stainless steel.  We threw away our Tupperware and replaced it with glass containers.  We had a water filtration system installed, we purchased organic mattresses, sheets, pillows, towels, anything and everything we could switch.  We threw out our toxic cleaning supplies and replaced them with vinegar and baking soda (we have since graduated to Thieves cleaner and baking soda a much better smelling and better option).  We threw out candles and replaced them with salt lamps, and have now added diffusers to every room as well.  We threw out all of our hair, body, and skincare products and replaced them with non-toxic options.  We threw out sunscreen, make-up, everything we could think of and replaced it with non-toxic options.  We looked into infrared saunas and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  We turned over every stone.  

I had my amalgam filling removed and did a mercury detox (find a holistic dentist or a dentist who follows the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique to have this done).  I followed an anti-candida diet for 3 months to rid my body of candida overgrowth.  I began taking probiotics, digestive enzymes, and countless supplements.  I worked hard to detoxify and strengthen my body in preparation for my final pregnancy. I knew that by preparing my body I would be able to give my third child the strongest gut, immune system, and the best chance at his best life possible (I knew he would be a boy – mother’s intuition)!


17 weeks pregnant with my third baby.  This is the day we found out we were having a boy!!!

Our daughter came to send us a strong message.  We listened, and by doing so completely healed our entire family. We are the healthiest we have ever been, we have tools, knowledge, and resources we wouldn’t have known existed, and we continue to learn each day. 

If you’re ready to start ditching toxins I am ready to help you! Reach out to me at amystanfordnutrition@gmail.com. If you’re ready to start with ditching those chemical laden cleaning products and switch to Thieves cleaner or ditch any of the items in your home, you can order clean, safe, life giving products here https://www.youngliving.com/us/en/referral/3136396 and I’ll support you with recipes, education, resources, and support.

My warrior baby with her baby brother!
His guardian angel who came to teach us how to give him his best chance at his best life!

My Why

Sharing a bit of my journey thus far.

her rebirth was stunning, she lifted herself up from the depths of despair, grasped her dreams, embedded them in her heart, and walked forward into a future that only her will and vision could control   — young pueblo – revival

As a child, I was the one with the sensitive immune system.  I had a vaccine reaction back when we only received a few vaccines.  I had childhood asthma, allergies, frequent strep throat and stomach flu, while my sisters were healthy.  I reacted to foods, especially dairy, but instead of making the connection, I often would become sick after eating. 


As I grew older, my health problems continued.  I developed severe allergies after college, which came along with chronic sinus infections and endless rounds of antibiotics.  In my late twenties, I developed severe IBS, which was so embarrassing, the truth of it has never been told.  I suffered from acne, infertility, eczema, headaches, sleep issues, the list goes on and on.  After my first baby was born, my IBS got so severe that my doctor thought I had colon cancer.  After receiving a barium enema, and while waiting for my appointment for a sigmoidoscopy, a friend called who had been suffering from the same infertility issues I had suffered from.  She asked if my infertility doctor had ever mentioned soy in my diet causing my infertility problems.  She said that her doctor mentioned that the excess of soy added to so many foods was causing some infertility issues in women.  She told me to look up soy intolerance/sensitivity online.  I immediately went to my computer and my mouth hung open in shock.  The list was a perfect description of me.  I went off of soy, and my symptoms immediately went away.  

Then, my second baby was born.  She received an Apgar score of 10, which my doctor said almost never happens.  She was the epitome of health.  She developed normally, beginning speaking at 9 months old.  She was very outgoing and would talk to strangers at the grocery store.  At 12 months old, I took her in for her well-baby check.  The doctor left the room and we were waiting for the nurse to come in with her MMR/Varicella vaccines.  The nurse took forever to come in.  My daughter became fussy and I just wanted to leave.  My intuition was telling me to run out of that office.  My brain was telling me that would be rude, and that I needed to stay.  She received her vaccines, and immediately became extremely sick.  Fever, lethargy, fussy, uncomfortable, cough, runny nose, you name it.  She was the sickest any of my children have ever been.  She lost all of her speech, and her attention span.  She was fussy and clingy.  She would put her tiny hands on her hips, lean forward, and try to push the words out that she wanted to say.  Something was blocking her ability to communicate those words she had inside.  I knew what was happening.  I started researching, reading, and planning what needed to be done.  When I took her back to the pediatrician and told him what had happened, he said “By the age of 2 she will most likely be full blown autistic.”  That was all.  No support, advice, referrals, paperwork to report her vaccine injury to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.  

At the same time, my husband was going through a severe health issue of his own.  He was disabled, depressed, and was up against the realization that he would never work at his dream job again.  I couldn’t go to him for help and support.  I was riddled with guilt for not running out of that doctor’s office when my intuition was screaming at me to get out of there.  After 4 months of research, guilt, and tears, I threw out almost everything in our pantry and refrigerator and started over.  



I started my 16-month-old daughter on the “autism diet”.  We began a gluten, dairy, and soy free diet, and within 3 days she began speaking the words she hadn’t spoken in 4 months.  We made an appointment with a DAN (Defeat Autism Now) doctor, at which point we learned some tips and tricks to be sure her diet was as free from gluten, casein, and soy as possible.  We also started B12 injections.  Within days of the first B12 injection, my daughter began speaking in complete sentences and her attention span returned.  We continued with many supplements, I continued reading and researching, and I attended a Defeat Autism Now conference.  It was at this conference where I met my mentor Julie Matthews.  I learned so much about whole food, nutrient dense nutrition.  About how to cook, what to buy, where to shop, the list goes on and on.  Over the next year, I completely healed my daughter from autism.  


I became passionate about nutrition, detoxifying our home, and helping others to do the same.  At first it was just a hobby.  I was an elementary school teacher who helped her friends and family heal their children and themselves from all kinds of health issues.  I became a TACA mentor helping endless numbers of moms learn to navigate the world of healing their children.  Then an opportunity arose from Julie Matthews herself to take part in a certification program for doctors and nutritionists that she was offering to moms who had healed their children from autism.  She knew we were in the trenches working with other moms and parents, and wanted to provide us with the education to help in more significant ways.  I jumped at the opportunity.  I received a certification in BioIndividual Nutrition and BioIndividual Nutrition for children.  At that point, I knew there was no turning back.  My dream of becoming a Certified Nutrition Consultant would become a reality.  I began attending Bauman College for Holistic Nutrition, the alma mater of my mentor Julie Matthews.  I am so proud to now be a Certified Nutrition Consultant.  I am passionate about helping all people to feel their best, and live their best lives.  I love helping children, moms, parents, and families to heal together.

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