Certified Nutrition Consultant and Educator


Amy Stanford Nutrition provides nutritional and lifestyle counseling to those seeking ways to help nourish themselves and/or their children to optimum health and wellness, allowing them to live their best life.  I am passionate about working with parents of children on the autism spectrum, with asthma, allergies, ADD or ADHD, or other health concerns and their families. I also work with clients to reduce or eliminate any and all symptoms they may be dealing with. From autoimmune issues, to migraines, to any other issue.  My motto is “When you focus on health, weight loss is a natural side effect!”

My goal as a nutrition consultant is to empower each and every person with the knowledge, tools, and step by step guidance needed to allow for deep healing and optimum health and wellness for themselves and their families. I work with you to create a customized program to allow your body to heal and function optimally.  I empower you to find what your body needs, how to nourish your own unique body optimally, and I tailor and customize your program as needed to meet your individualized needs.  I am available to meet virtually via Zoom conference calls as well as in person.  

In addition to meeting one on one with clients, I also have 2 online courses available! Breaking Through – Nutrition for Healing and Eating for Health.  Improve your health whenever and wherever you have time.  You will be able to access video classes, power point presentations, handouts, and more, virtually, from anywhere in the world. For more information visit the individual course tabs.

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