Kind Words . . .

My son’s speech is improving every day from the recommendations you talk about.  It’s amazing.  The changes benefit him, his cognitive health, but my family’s too! My son is surprising me every day!  It makes me cry!  I’m so happy. I am enjoying the clean eating.  I had to share my feedback because the world needs to know that you are the real deal!  You are a fabulous educator and passionate advocate! Thank you Amy! – Natalia

Amy is an amazing educator, she has so much knowledge, passion, and she has helped me so much with chronic issues I was dealing with for years, that my doctor was unable to help me with. I no longer suffer with chronic skin issues. Not only am I not suffering physically, but the emotional toll it takes to have chronic issues that no doctor can help you with is emotionally draining. Physically and emotionally I am a new person. I am so thankful for Amy’s knowledge, guidance, education, and support. – Eva

Amy goes out of her way to share knowledge she has gained through formal schooling, her own personal struggles with health and healing, her struggles with her daughter, everything she has learned in healing herself and her family, and everything she has learned in helping others heal for the past 12 years. Her goal is to empower others to take control of their health and realize how much control they have over their own health. From the moment I met her she has helped me in every aspect of my life. From eliminating my chronic migraines, to detoxifying my home and body, to losing so much weight simply by focusing on health. She is a huge supporter and cheerleader passing on knowledge, resources, information, and more every moment that she’s awake. My life is transformed thanks to her! Her passion for educating is unparalleled! She is the best teacher and mentor! – Jessica

I was very interested in the nutrition education offered by Amy. Before working with Amy I highly struggled with emotional eating and felt trapped by food. I felt defeated and off track. Not to mentioned had gained a few extra pounds. She provided easy to understand material. I learned from the teachings about being balanced. I learned what food to focus on and what nutrition can really do for my body. The best part is she offered one on one support and accountability. I appreciate the fact she is always here to answer any questions along the way. I implemented her teachings and by the time I finished the sessions I lost 4 pounds and was able to target when I was being triggered to eat completely unhealthy and out of control. I feel motivated to continue to be healthy overall and HEALTHY now feels amazing!! I have gained knowledge and I will continue to use the tools she has taught me. – Amanda

As a result of participating in Amy’s group class, so many things have improved – my skin is healing, I have been sleeping so much better, I have way less bloating, so much more energy, a clearer head…the list goes on. – Nichole