B12 Injections and Recovery

Let’s talk butt vites!

Yes, that’s right, I said butt vites!

Let me explain! When we were healing this little cutie, pictured above almost one year after we began her healing journey, one of the interventions we tried was B12 injections.

At the age of 18 months we began administering B12 injections into her tushy every 3 days. The healing was mind-blowing. Within days of her first injection she began speaking in complete sentences and her amazing attention span returned.

We continued with the B12 injections for over a year, and it helped so much with her attention span, communication, and her mood! We lovingly referred to them as butt vitamins, which then became shortened to butt vites.

The Importance of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is required for cell formation, energy metabolism, immune function, nerve function, proper digestion, protein synthesis, and metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. Methyl B12, or methylcobalamin, is a methyl donor.  Methylation is a vital biochemical reaction in the body that supports the cardiovascular, hormone, immune, and detoxification systems, DNA/RNA structure and function, and other key metabolic systems.  For autism, it is recommended that methyl-B12 be administered through an injection in order to be most effective.  If the effect is positive, it should be noticed within a few days. According to the Autism Research Institute’s parent survey, parents reported improvement with methyl-B12 63% of the time. For those not ready for injections, or those not working with a medical practitioner, sublingual methyl-B12 can be used, although results may not be as pronounced as with injections.

Food Sources of Vitamin B12 include eggs, milk, cheese, milk products, meat, fish, shellfish and poultry.

How Methyl-B12 Helps Those with Autism

Metylcobalamin, or methyl-B12 can have an extraordinary impact upon the methylation process, and can help with the detoxification of heavy metals.  Many children with ASD have high levels of heavy metals, particularly mercury in their bodies.  The presence of mercury in the body, blocks the body’s own formation of methy-B12, and this often prohibits the body from solving the heavy metal problem by itself. When methyl B-12 is administered, the processes of methylation and reduced glutathione formation can occur, and heavy metals can be eliminated.  In addition to improving detoxification, other benefits of enhanced methylation include, improved cell membrane function, improved neurotransmitter and hormone metabolism, and improved neuronal healing. Administering methyl B-12 to those with ASD is not recommended due to a deficiency of B12, but to bypass metabolic blocks, and to jump-start metabolic processes and neuronal healing.

Common Improvements Seen with Methyl-B12 Injections

Improved executive function, speech and language, and appropriate emotion and socialization skills. Methyl-B12 seems to unlock the areas of the brain that are required to verbalize and communicate effectively. It is not uncommon to see improvements in expressive, receptive, and conversational language as well as the ability to make longer sentences that include pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, etc. Methyl-B12 is known to increase eye contact, focus, attention, awareness, comprehension, and the ability to understand abstract ideas and concepts. The children become more tolerant of change, transition much more easily, and become more flexible. They are able to communicate their wants and needs more effectively. Methyl-B12 improves their ability to stay on task and the ability to follow more complex commands. It helps with imaginative play, imitation skills, and engagement with others. Often, children become more in touch with their feelings and the feelings of others. Interests are widened, the children become more inquisitive and they try new things. They become more self-confident, opinionated, and their need to be independent is heightened. The children learn more easily, their memory improves, and things that parents did not even know their children knew are now expressed to their parent’s surprise. The children become much more affectionate, cuddly, and loving, and they have many more good days at home and school. In addition, methyl-B12 is known to improve the immune system, decrease allergic responses, and it often helps appetite, aids in increasing weight, and frequently helps gross and fine motor skills.

Important Information 

It is crucial that no other changes are made to one’s treatment program during the first 6 weeks of methyl-B12 injections.  Nothing should be added or removed/reduced so that parents are able to evaluate the progress of their child based on the B-12 injections, without any other factors being responsible for these changes.  When B12 injections are administered this way, 94% of parents documented improvements in their children’s mood, behavior, speech, cognition, interaction, etc.

How to find a MAPS, DAN, or Functional medicine doctor experienced in Biomedical treatment of autism in your area.

Visit the following websites for lists, contact information, and resources:

  • generation rescue.org
  • tacanow.org
  • autism.com
  • nationalautismassociation.org
  • members.bioindividualnutrition.com – practitioner directory
Sweet baby girl at the beginning of her journey with B12 injections!

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